ACH/Check Return Codes

A list of return codes for ACH/Check transactions and what they mean.

The table below lists all ACH/Check return codes and common solutions to said return reasons. All returns almost always originate with the payee's bank and ACHeck21 will never return any transaction without instruction from the bank to do so.

Return CodeExplanationAction(s) Needed
R01Insufficient Funds - customer does not have enough money in the account being billed.Contact customer and discuss resolution options with them.
R02Account Closed - Previously active account has been closed.Contact customer to discuss resolution options with them.
R03No Account/Unable to Locate Account - Account number is incorrect.Review the account number that was submitted on or any partner software capable of reconciling the ACHeck21 transactions. Cross reference the account number with the customer and make sure to input a correct account number in a fresh transaction. If the customer is the one who submitted the transaction, reach out to them and inform them it was incorrect.
R04Invalid Account Number - Account number structure is invalid. May have incorrect number or digits or contain a special character causing it to be rejected.Obtain corrected account number and resubmit the transaction as a new transaction with the corrected account number.
R05Unauthorized Debit Entry - transaction was disputed by either the customer or their bank.Contact customer and find out why it was disputed. Once resolution has been reached, represent the transaction or use an alternative payment method.
R06Returned per ODFI's request - The funds have been requested to return by the ODFI from the RDFI. ODFI is the bank belonging to either us, or a partner. RDFI's are the payee's bank.Contact ACHeck21 for more information.
R07Authorization Revoked by Customer - Customer who previously authorized the ACH has revoked it. This can be done no later than 60 days after a transaction has processed.Contact the customer to find out why they revoked the authorization. Once matter is settled, the transaction can be submitted again.
R08Payment Stopped - Customer directly ordered ACH to be stopped/deniedContact customer and find out why they denied the authorization. Resolve the situation and resubmit the payment
R09Uncollected Funds - Sufficient book or ledger balance exists to satisfy the dollar value of the transaction, but the dollar value of transactions in the process of collection (i.e., uncollected checks) brings the available and/or cash reserve balance below the dollar value of the debit entry.Usually a sign that an item was submitted for the wrong amount. Double check details with customer.
R10Customer Advises Not Authorized - Customer has claimed the transaction is fraudulent or the result of an ACH block on their account.Contact customer and for more details as this could have been directly made by them or the result of a block. Have customer remove block with their bank (or add us as an exception), contact either your service provider or us directly to remove the block on our end, and resubmit the payment.
R11Customer Advises Entry Not in Accordance With Terms of Authorization - basically, the customer believes that the terms of the arrangement for them to be ACH'ed were violated for any number of reasons and had the payment stopped.Contact customer to resolve the situation and then resubmit the transaction.
R12Branch Sold to Another DFI - Essentially, the banking branch the customer uses has been acquired by another bank.Contact customer to correct their checks/routing information and resubmit the payment.
R13RDFI Not Qualified to Participate/Invalid Routing Number - Customer's bank denied the transaction based on the grounds that they do not participate in ACH or the routing number is incorrect.Contact customer to get corrected banking information.
R14Representative Payee Deceased or Unable to Continue in that CapacityN/A
R15Beneficiary or Account Holder (Other than a Representative Payee) Deceased - Account holder/receiver of the funds has passed away.Contact your bank to discuss the account, make what corrections that are necessary, and resubmit the payment.
R16Account Frozen - Customer's bank has frozen their account.Contact customer to resolve situation, then resubmit the payment.
R17File Record Edit Criteria - Some fields of the transaction that were not edited by the merchant have been edited by the RDFI.Resubmit/reprocess the payment
R20Non-Transaction Account - Customer account you are attempting to ACH either limits transactions or does not allow for them.Contact customer and acquire new banking information to bill.
R21Invalid Company Identification - The ID number used in the Company ID field is not valid.Contact ACHeck21
R23Credit Entry Refused by Receiver - Customer has refused the credit transaction.Contact the customer, resolve situation, and resubmit transaction if necessary.
R29Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized - This almost always means there is an ACH block on the customer's account.Contact the customer to have them remove the block with their bank. The customer's bank may require our Company identifier (110333049). Our ID is 9 digits long; if the bank requires 10, just add a space at the end of our ID (110333049b where the b is there should be a space at the end) and that should work. Once that is completed, contact ACHeck21 or your provider to have the block removed in our system too. When contacting ACHeck21 concerning the block, email [email protected] and give us the "Document #" number found in the left column when viewing the check details of the transaction returned R29.
R31Permissible Return Entry - Customer's bank has been notified by the merchant/our bank that the merchant/our bank agrees to accept a return entry.Contact the bank or ACHeck21 for more information.
R33Return of XCK Entry - Customer's bank determines at their discretion to return a XCK entry.Contact customer
R36Return of Improper Credit EntryACH Credit Entries are not allowed to utilize ARC, BOC, POP, RCK, TEL, and XCK (except in the case of reversing Entries). If you receive this return code, reattempt the credit using a different transaction type than was listed earlier.