Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a variety of frequently asked questions

QuestionExplanationCorrective Action/Solution
When I try to login to, the page just refreshes and/or I cannot reset my password.The user account is locked out.Have an administrator with access to user settings perform the following steps;
1. Go to
2. Log into your admin user account
3. go to Administration -> Manage Users on the left side toolbar
4. Locate the effected user by typing in the user's email in the "Username contains" box and then by either searching all clients or typing in the specific merchant name or ACHeck21 ID in the "Client" box.
5. At the bottom of the window, you will see a box that says "User account is locked" and a check box that says "Unlock the user's account". Click that check box so a checkmark is now present in the box.
6. Click "save changes" and have the user attempt to log in again. As long as the password they are inputting is correct, it should now be unlocked and they should be able to log in.
What is a representment?A representment is essentially the same transaction being attempted again without creating an entire new transaction. An item can be represented twice.N/A
Why am I being charged by ACHeck21?If you are not a merchant of ours, you were most likely charged by one of our merchants. Due to ACH regulations, our company name must appear and funding goes through our bank.On your bank statement, near our name, will be another name. That is the name of the merchant in our system. If you do not see it or recognize the name, call us at (866) 632-5415 for further assistance.
I am a merchant and we were just charged an amount not matching our last invoice, what is that for?The most common reason for this occurring is that the charge is the result of a return coming in. A return is similar to a "bounced" check but for ACH. In this instance, your customer may have lost that amount but for various reasons, it had to be returned to them. The bank charges us the amount for that transaction and so naturally, we must come and collect that funding back from the merchant who the return was for.N/A