Microbilt API Error Codes

A list of potential error codes generated by the Microbilt API

Below is a table of potential error codes originating from Microbilt and an explanation of what they mean

Format errors: a problem with the information input. Generally correctable at the user level.
System Error: problem originates from an external source such as with government entities.
Merchant requirement: problem originates with merchant information being incorrect or missing.

Code NumberDefinitionDecision Description
1Invalid bank routing number.Format error
2Invalid bank account number or account number is suspicious.Format error
3OFAC warning / error - misc. errorsSystem error
3aRequested merchant stop - customer has requested processing be deactivated for merchant.Format error
3bCustomer MICR stop - customer has requested this bank routing and account number be declined. Will not effect the whole database.Format error
10aInvalid driver's license formatFormat error
10bDriver's license required / not on fileMerchant requirement
11aInvalid telephone numberFormat error
11bPhone number required or missingMerchant requirement
12Amount exceeds set limitsExceed merchant limits
13Amount exceeds limits set for last 24 hoursExceed merchant limits
14Amount exceeds limits set for set amount of daysExceed merchant limits
15Check number is lower than the minimum check number allowedExceed merchant limits
16Duplicate transaction detectedExceed merchant limits
4Customer has unpaid item(s) with at least one item reported as R02 (Account Closed), R03 (No Account), or R04 (Invalid Account Number)Unpaid returns
5Customer has unpaid item(s) with at least one item reported as R05 (Reserved), R07 (Authorization Revoked), R10 (Not Authorized), R29 (Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized), or R51 (Item Inteligble)Unpaid returns
6Customer has recent unpaid return item(s). The reason for the return is suspiciousUnpaid returns
7Customer has unpaid return item(s). Returns are not recent but the reason for the return is suspicious.Unpaid returns
8Customer has 1 known unpaid item, other history is positive.Unpaid returns
9Customer has multiple unpaid items.Unpaid returns
17Reported history of R02 (Account Closed)Risk Warning
18Reported history of R03 (No Account) in the last 12 months.Risk Warning
19Reported history of R04 (Invalid Account Number) in the last 12 months.Risk Warning
20Reported history of R05 (Reserved) in the last 12 monthsRisk Warning
21Reported history of R07 (Authorization Revoked) in the last 12 months.Risk Warning
22Reported history of R10 (Not Authorized) in the last 12 months.Risk Warning
23Reported history of R29 (Corporate Customer Advised Not Authorized) in the last 12 months.Risk Warning
24Reported history of R51 (Item Ineligible) in the last 12 months.Risk warning
25History of returns. No current unpaid items.Risk Warning
26Possible Non DDA Account. Essentially means account number is wrong, or doesn't accept transactions in or out.No ACH