Retrieving a merchant

Retrieve a merchant using its id. When you create a merchant, the returned merchant object will contain a MerchantId field that contains the object's id. The merchant data object that is returned when retrieving an object is the same object used to create a merchant. All of the fields are documented here.

Client client = new Client();
client.SetBasicAuth("[email protected]", "notArealpassw0rd");

string merchantId = "9900000301"
var merchant = client.GetMerchantAsync(merchantId).Result;
ApiClient defaultClient = Configuration.getDefaultApiClient();
HttpBasicAuth auth = (HttpBasicAuth)defaultClient.getAuthentication("basicAuth");
auth.setUsername("[email protected]);
MerchantsApi apiInstance = new MerchantsApi();

String merchantId = "9900000301
Merchant merchant = apiInstance.getMerchant(merchantId);
[[ACHConfiguration sharedConfig] username] = @"[email protected]";
[[ACHConfiguration sharedConfig] password] = @"notArealpassword";

ACHMerchantsApi *apiInstance = [[ACHMerchantsApi alloc] init];

[apiInstance getMerchantWithMerchantId:output.merchantId completionHandler:^(ACHMerchant *output, NSError *error) {
  waitingForBlock = NO;
  if (output) {
    NSLog(@"%@", output);

  if (error) {
    NSLog(@"Error calling ACHMerchantsApi->getMerchantWithMerchantId: %@", error);